My number 1 summer shade…

Working in fashion, you see trends come and go aaaall the time. You start to develop a pretty good sense for what’s a fad and what’s the start of something longer-term. Acid brights (not to be confused with the all-over fluoro of SS 2007/8… I still shudder) have come and gone over the past couple of seasons but are showing themselves to be in the latter category with their re-emergence this season. My numero uno pick for the most versatile bright?

ImageCitrus. Bear with me, guys. Consider me your trend guinea pig. I was unconvinced at first too so I’ve been introducing it into my wardrobe incrementally. I’ve been paring it back with sleek monochrome, colour-blocking with bold electric blue or hot pink and also mixing it up with neutral tones and florals and it hasn’t failed me yet. The other girls at work who’ve been getting into it have commented on its complexion-brightening, tan-enhancing qualities but I just appreciate the way it perks me up on a sluggish morning.

Here are some of my fave citrus style pics to hopefully inspire you to include a bit of my new favourite shade into your summer wardrobe for work or play.

Adelaide label, Cameo (above and below) shows how citrus mixes well with light and dark neutrals
Citrus accents from Portmans‘ Style Guide
Street style from
Citrus accents and mixed prints by Sussan
Citrus is the perfect partner for tan leather (pic from Sportsgirl).
More street style, this time from
Last but not least, this look is not for the faint-hearted but the monochrome in the dress pattern anchors the bright colour. Photo from Sussan


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