What I’m Listening to (14th November)

As I’ve mentioned before over at The World is Her Book, music’s a pretty big part of my life so I thought it’d be nice to share a bit of that part of me with you, my small but ever so lovely flock of readers (yes, I did just make ‘flock’ your collective noun. It suits, don’t you think?)

Every now and then, I’ll post up a few of the songs I’ve got on high rotation. Perhaps you’ll flick through a few of them on Youtube/Rdio/Spotify/iTunes/whatever. I hope I’ll introduce you to something you wouldn’t normally listen to, as my taste in music is rather… let’s say varied. They might not be the newest/coolest picks, but they’ll always mean something to me so I hope you enjoy.

Here are my picks for this week. I have a little problem with making decisions, so I only managed to narrow it down to 8 songs… oops!

White Walls – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Schoolboy Q & Hollis
I thought the lady-voice in this was Lykke Li at first. Disappointingly, it’s not. But it’s a rad song nonetheless so I’ve forgiven and almost forgotten.

Borrow My Heart – Taylor Henderson
I’m diggin’ this year’s X-Factor runner up’s single and I don’t even care if that makes me a sell-out. It’s not a guilty pleasure if you’re not guilty about it. So there.

U Should Know Better – Robyn feat. Snoop Dogg (/Lion/Monkey/Walrus/whatever animal we’re up to now)
I’m 98% sure I spotted Robyn on a horse and cart in Stockholm when I was there recently and so I’ve been getting back in to some of her stuff since returning home. My fave badass Swedish babe.

Team – Lorde
Lorde is basically who I wished I was when I had just turned 17 but alas, I was never so lyrically blessed – or aesthetically, for that matter… the girl rocks the curls like nobody’s business.

Arabella – The Arctic Monkeys
One of my best friends just saw The Arctic Monkeys (parents: they’re nothing like The Monkees, in case you were wondering) live in Paris and managed to get front row and I’m insanely jealous so I’ve been playing their latest album A LOT to console myself somewhat.

Play With Fire – Vance Joy
THE LYRICS. ALL OF THE RELEVANCE. Also, Vance (well, technically his name’s James Keogh) has recently been inducted into my list of top muso boy crushes. It’s all very new, but I’m hoping he’ll enjoy the company of the likes of Matt Corby, Mike Rosenberg, James Vincent McMorrow, Alex Turner…

Cavalier – James Vincent McMorrow
Speak of the devil! Cavalier’s another beautiful one from the beautiful McMorrow. You should really listen to it. Now. Please and thank you.

Strong – London Grammar
I’ve been solidly trying to think of adjectives to describe this song for about 20 minutes and all that comes to mind is ‘soaring’ and I think that sums it up really. Hannah Reid’s vocals are so gorgeously rich. ‘Hey Now’ is another of my faves by these guys.

So there you are, folks! Hope you enjoy delving into the musical part of my mind. Until next time,



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