Review Number 2: Mylk Bar

A little while ago I promised a review of a new little foodie spot in Adelaide city itself called ‘Mylk Bar‘. I popped in for lunch just over a week ago with my friend (technically cousin-in-law but friend too), Kate. She was on her work lunch break and it appeared that the rest of the CBD had the same idea, because the place was packed with business people releasing their inner hipster. This, along with a similarly sleek businessy meets kitsch hipster decor made for a confusing first impression. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve had patent pumps or scruffy Connies on my feet, but either way I felt a little out of place as I ducked inside.




Undeterred and keen to see if the proof of Mylk Bar’s popularity was in its pudding (or pulled pork burger, in this case), Kate and I managed to stake out the plush black couch in the front corner and settled in to peruse the menu. I like to think when it comes to food, I’m easily pleased but not particularly easily impressed. This was definitely the case with Mylk Bar. I had a lamb salad which was alright but (in my opinion) was a little lacking in variety in the salad itself but Kate went for the aforementioned pulled pork burger, as well as a bowl of greens on the side. She seemed considerably more impressed with her meal and I must say, I had major food envy over her chips. Rookie error choosing a salad, perhaps?



One of the cool little indie touches that I liked was the milk (mylk?) bottles and straws you could fill up with fruity-flavoured water at the bar. Very cute, a very ‘in’ thing to do and it worked well with the black and white striped decor theme, but not so much with the polished chrome-looking finishes on things.


I would be really interested to see the mix of an evening crowd at Mylk Bar and also what the function area is like, as its Flinders St. location is largely unchartered waters when it comes to cool foodie/entertainment/bar venues. Service was good, especially considering every table was full (and then some) and overall I was pretty pleased with Mylk Bar. Pleased, but not overly impressed.


Mylk Bar
57 Flinders St, Adelaide


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