Getting glitzy with Pandora

About a fortnight ago a pretty little invitation dropped into my email inbox announcing a VIP event at Pandora Westfield Marion to launch the jewellery chain’s 2013 Christmas collection as well its new ‘Essence’ range. Swiftly hitting the ‘Reply’ button, I RSVPed and last Tuesday rounded up the girls for a night of freebies, bubbly and bling.

Upon arrival at the store we were welcomed with a glass of our choosing (champagne/rosé/orange juice for the teetotallers), a raffle ticket and a little goodie bag containing brochures, a Pandora cookie and a light-up lipgloss. We walked strutted up the red carpet and squeezed our way into the teeny store to have a peek at the new collections.



Disappointingly, the Essence collection charms are gorgeous but don’t fit the classic-style Pandora bracelets, only the specific Essence ones so we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over them but they remained firmly on the shelves. The Christmas collection was predictable but pretty nonetheless; all snowflakes and presents and Christmas stockings.



After a quick welcome from the store owner, the girls and I had our eyes on Pandora’s dainty stackable rings. We were a bit disappointed that there was no discount offered on the evening but as we were all in the market to start or add to our collections anyway, this didn’t stop us snapping up a few pretty bits and pieces.


Unfortunately the store became a bit too claustrophobic for us to stick out the full two hour event so we headed out to San Churro (a fave dessert spot of ours) for hot chocs, a bit of gossip and to debrief on our purchases. A lovely night of pampering was had by all!





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