What I’m Listening To (28 November)

Embrace – Goldroom
Perfect electropop-y boppiness

Asleep at the Wheel – Band of Skulls
Every now and then I like to pretend I’m a bit of a rock chick.

White Lies – Max Frost
I just really, really like this song. This style of music is the kind of thing I probably listen to most.

Gold Thread – Passenger feat. Matt Corby
I’m going to see Passenger on Sunday night so I’ve been obsessively listening to ‘All the Little Lights’ as well his previous albums, including his collaborative album from 2010, ‘Flight of the Crow’ which includes a stack of my fave Aussie artists from Katie Noonan to Matt Corby to Boy and Bear to Josh Pyke… the list goes on! I love it.

A World Alone – Lorde
Still not over her ‘Pure Heroine’ album.

I Was Here – Beyonce
My motivational anthem. Always brings a little tear to the eye.


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