Foodie Review: Casablabla


I first fell in lurv (not love, lurv) with Casablabla when I was sussing potential venues for my 18th. After seeing those Baz Luhrmann-esque fishtanks and hearing the call of the tribal beats playing inside I knew I’d found the one.
It turned out being a perfect spot for seemingly endless platters of tapas with the fam in my own little sectioned off area and they even let me serve up my own cupcakes for dessert free of charge (as long as I cleaned up all the remnants). Friends were then able to drop in for a delicious (but beware, super strong) cocktail before hitting the clubs.


Have you ever seen such funkily mosaic-ed bathrooms?! I didn’t think so…

Recently I came back to Casa (yeah, we’re on nickname terms now) once again to start my night. My vibe was less party and more, “GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR FOOD” and Casa still catered fabulously for the occasion. Mum and I ordered three plates of tapas right on 5:30 (when the kitchen opens in the eve) and it was served to us promptly with uber friendly service so that we could pop down to State Theatre in time for our show. All up three plates of tapas and two sizeable lemon lime and bitters came to $40 so, like my party catering, it was fantastic value!


The only thing that detracted from my experience this time ’round was the ol’ ‘too stuffy inside but smokers eeeeeverywhere outside’ dilemma. Leigh Street seems to be a bit of a smokey hub… Oh, and a couple of the dishes were a little different to how they were written on the menu but they were still delish and great serving sizes so all is forgiven on that front.
Will definitely be heading back, perhaps on one of Casa’s theme nights to get my belly dance on…?


12 Leigh Street, Adelaide 5000
(08) 8231 3939


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