Oak on Unley


I’m a fan of anywhere that offers all-day breakfast so Oak on Unley was off to a good start with that one! The interior is suitably hipster-chic for the inner ‘burbs and I looooove the blackboard wall behind the counter that displays the drinks menu. The low bench-like tables (on the right side as you go in) are a bit of a hazard and the friend I was dining with ended up with a couple of splinters – yikes!


My gal pal and I were almost tempted by the crepes (which come in sweet or savoury, gluten-ous or gluten-free) but in the end settled on ‘lazy sunday’ baked eggs (me) and the egg stack (her). Both decent value for money but in my serve the bread to oozy baked tomato (which was delish, by the way) ratio was all out.


Decent coffee and free wifi were had (just ask the staff for login details) and the team was super friendly so that perked us up despite splinters and lack of bread – we’re quite easily pleased. Oak on Unley makes a perfect spot for a caffeine top-up before or after a hardcore shopping sesh at the Unley Metro.
In the famous words of the terminator: “I’ll be back [for the crepes].”



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