Trend to try? Normcore

If you noticed the sudden epidemic of Birkenstock-wearers that ran wild in the final days of summer; if you’ve spotted an bright young thing working ‘sneans’ (sneakers+jeans) like nobody’s business, you’re probably aware (at least subconsciously) of a little massive trend called ‘normcore’.


Image via ELLE Canada (click through for article!)

For normcorers, dudes like Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld are considered style icons and it’s totally fine to match an oversized designer grey marle coat with tracksuit pants ‘sleek joggers’. It’s daggier than ‘sports luxe’ but not quite ‘late night Macca’s run’. It’s less ironic than ‘hipster’ but not quite ‘raw vegan ethically produced local organic cotton only’. Think ‘cast of Friends/Seinfeld’ – the complete antithesis of Gossip Girl. On the surface, it seems like the ultimate anti-fashion. But alas, normcore could actually be the toughest trend to do justice to this season.

For those of you who lived through some of these trends when they were cool the first time ’round (and done in isolation), you’re probably going to shriek in horror at the thought of combining them together. But for the young, impressionable, fabulous inner-city rich kids, teaming Birks and socks (Birken-socks, perhaps?) seems oh so nouveaux and gives them an edginess that their Mac Jacobs flats never could.


Image via a love is blind (click through for more)

Personally, I think I’ll be sitting this one out. Or at the very most sitting on the fringes of normcore. But if you reckon you can take it on and not look like you’ve dressed up in your Dad’s clothes, all power to you. Maybe you can give me some tips..?


Image via Lucky Mag (click through for article)

P.S. This is the original article that spawned the normcore craze, although the trend had been coming for years, and was predicted in the first instance by forecasting agency K-Hole


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