The three reasons why you need to visit the Winter Garden


Is it just me, or is Adelaide starting to get some of its mojo back? For the past few years, the coolness that characterises Mad March has seemed to continue a little longer into the year, and I reckon this year it’s still hangin’ around as we speak. The Adelaide Cabaret Festival‘s Winter Garden is just one of the many funky little spots for Adelaide’s quirky/funky/artsy/b-grade celebrity folk to hang at the moment. I was there last night to see The Boswell Project perform, and really loved the atmosphere of the place. Think The Garden of Unearthly Delights, but all grown up. Here are the top three reasons why I think every Adelaide local (or visitor) needs to give it a try:

1. The food and wine

The Winter Garden has a small amount of quality foodie stalls, with Beyond India my top pick, and Jack Ruby a close second. Finally, an event organiser has recognised that not everyone wants to get sloshed before/after a show (although at the Coopers Bar, you can do that too) and Abbots and Kinney‘s coffee and bite-sized baked goods are a welcome inclusion to the garden.

2. The music

Last night I heard gypsy violins as I was going into my show, and a funky Cat Empire-style brass and drum band on my way out. You can plonk yourself down in the Winter Garden and have a really diverse night of listening and leave it at that, or you can use it to try before you buy tickets to some of the best musos of the Cabaret Festival (and beyond).

3. The people watching

Oh, the people watching. Drag queens, retirees, bright young things decked out in vintage and local (especially Advertiser) journos abound. There might be more hiding inside Dulcie’s Shop of Real Opportunity (in support of the Hutt St Centre), which is parked between the stage and the food stalls and is definitely worth a look for a hidden gem or twenty. My Mum insists she saw Boy George heading towards the Winter Garden last night, but I was unable to track him down so cannot categorically confirm or deny his presence.


So there you have it! Come on Adelaide, don’t be put-off by the cold and drizzle and keep Adelaide’s coolness on a roll! Get your fine selves along to the Winter Garden and have a grand ol’ time.






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