Hens in the kitchen

Allo lovelies! I’m back to the bloggy world today, for reasons which are yet to be determined. I just felt like it, you know?
I’ve got something a bit fun for you this evening… a hen’s night! But not just any hen’s night. No siree! This hen’s night’s activities were completely devoid of penis straws/headbands/statues/drink bottles/etc and strippers and shots of hard liquor. I breathed a strong sigh of relief at the absence of each and every one of these elements, but was glad it didn’t stop the gals from getting a little rowdy with their jokes – that’s always fair game in my books!


Loz x2 ready for some cooking fun

Our group was full of ladies from all sorts of backgrounds, of a variety of ages and had a broad range of culinary skills and confidence, so chucking us all in the Sprout kitchens with a few glasses of (local, delicious) vino under our belts was probably quite a risky idea. My friend Lauren (le bride) and her lovely bridesmaids obviously had faith in us though, as that’s exactly what we were to be getting up to!

Champagne and cheese platters on arrival got us off to a cruisy start as we divided off into pairs and got the run-down from Chef Callum and Dietician Cian. The night went as follows: 1. Wine and cheese and chats and gifts from lesbrudesmaids, 2. Demo from Callum and Cian, 3. Our turn to attempt to cook the course, 4. Wine and games and eating what we’d just cooked, 5. Repeat steps 2-4 and 6. Chuckles and goodie bags and farewells as the rest of the team popped off to Nook Nosh to continue the lols and wines.


Gorgeous little pressies from the bridesmaids

I was very chuffed to be paired up with the bride, Lauren, for the night’s cooking as well as the quizzes and games. Together, we were ‘Team LL Cool J’ and we dominated the cooktops. Our plating-up was less dominant but hey, you win some and you lose some, right? I was really impressed with how achievable all of the dishes were to cook and how hands-on Cian and Callum were in coming around to chat and help us out with some handy tips and tricks. We cooked a grilled lamb backstrap on pearl barley, spinach and mixed mushroom salad for main and then baked rhubarb with goat’s cheese mousse, lemon curd and walnut mousse. Everything was delicious, simple and (mostly) healthy so that’s a win on all fronts!


LL Cool J's main


My dessert plating-up


Aaand the bride's

The team at Sprout do catering and cooking classes and special events of all sorts. They’re super friendly and they know their stuff, making their studio the perfect spot to learn some new kitchen skills or fine-tune some old ones. After this fantastic experience it’s safe to say I’ll be heading back for another class sometime soon!
L xx

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