Hi!! This is just a little update on some of the things I’ve been up to recently. I’ve been super busy (in a good way) and flitting all around Adelaide for work/study/interning/volunteering/socialising/all of the things.

I have a LinkedIn page where I store a lot of this kind of stuff but I thought it might be handy to compile a little list here of what I’ve been writing, for my small but supportive little readership. I’ve hyperlinked everything so you can click through and see/read/lol at everything, too.

I was part of feud mag‘s Adelaide Fashion Festival coverage which was a hoot. I think we provided some insights that were kind of unique in their honesty, but also got down to the nitty gritty of the actual fashion stuff as well. See for yourself here.

I won a street style competition at the end of 2015 for an outfit that I wore to the Adelaide Fashion Festival. I beat out a whole heap of very fashuuun people, which was a bit funny. I won a massive batch of Happy Socks, which I looooove, and a photoshoot with Cocktail Revolution and Liza Emanuele and Regina Sole Queen.

I created a photo essay for feud about the month I spent living and studying in London last year. It’s no secret that I found this time pretty difficult, but it was also one of the best things I’ve ever done so I hope that comes across.

I’ve also done some fashion interviews with local designers for feud. Rosie and Jo from O, Speak are just about the loveliest gals ever and make the cutest frankie-esque gear. You can read our interview here. Felix from Sasso Imèl was super generous and gave us phone covers after I interviewed him, so he’s automatically in my good books. But the stuff he makes from recycled shade cloth materials is pretty nifty, too.

I finally submitted to Empire Times, Flinders Uni’s student mag! I wrote a poem about my body image and it got published in the first 2016 issue.

Finally, (I think..?) I’m interning at CityMag which is basically a dream come true. The team is so supportive and lovely and really bloody cool. So far I’ve pitched a tonne of articles, researched and hooked up interviews and written an article a week for them so the experience is certainly very hands-on (yippee!) I wrote about a charming new bakery in Adelaide’s inner suburbs and the beautiful couple that own it here, some locally-made vegetable-tanned leathergoods here, and charted the career path of one of Adelaide’s best tele producers and now GM of Channel 44 here.


Phew! So yep, that’s that for now. I’m always busy, but always keeping an eye out for other writing/comm.s opportunities, so if you have one for me you can shoot me an email at

You can also keep up with my daily to-ings and fro-ings on Instagram @bigshoestofill if you’re interested.


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