I’m Having a Moment

Whilst I love all things fashion and all things loveliness, I don’t usually bother too much with the fantastical world of haute couture. I get the idea of high-end fashion being aspirational and something we average lasses lust after rather than fill our closets with, but usually I just find it all a bit too much. Until now. Until Ellie Saab’s SS14 haute collection starting filling up my inboxes and newsfeeds and generally just BLOWING MY MIND. If you are in any way a fan of feminine/girly/whimsical/downright beautiful gowns then may I introduce you to your 2014 holy grail.

Fashion Gone Rogue has done a great post with all the pretty pictures of all the swoon-worthy gowns right here, so go make yourself a cup of tea and settle yourself in for what will most likely be at least a solid 20 minutes of hardcore gown lovin’. Just try and pick your favourite. I seriously can’t.